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The Emperor Tarot card represents the necessity to think rationally during emotional times.  Sometimes it is better to use your head for logic tha

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When I hear the phrase psychic self defense, I think of protecting myself against entities from another realm. It is the word psychic that throws me

3 Things You Need to Know about Psychic Self-Protection

When I hear the phrase psychic self defense, I think of protecting myself against entities from another realm. It is the word psychic that throws me for a loop. According to Webster’s dictionary, the word psychic represents something “spiritual in origin or force.” Apparently there are many ways to interpret psychic self-protection. There are also […]

Gemini Energy Propels You Forward

The Week of June 5 through June 11:  The moon may be in deep and imaginative Cancer today, but there is also a lot going on in the Third House, Gemini’s House. You may feel very reflective right now, but there may be a lot pulling you forward. Gemini energy tends to do that. There […]

How the Taurus Moon Can Help You

If you are a regular person with a lot of daily responsibilities and a lot of background stress, you may be looking for a few minutes of quiet. You may be looking for a way to just not get so worked up about things. Today, you are in luck. The moon has moved into Venus-ruled […]

What Aries Moon Means for You

By Marilyn Marshall, Astrologer for AstroChic Astrology The moon in your chart represents your subconscious self. It represents what you look back or look down on. The moon can also represent the relationship you had with a mother figure. When the moon is fiery Aries, it may be easier to let go of the past. […]

Why You Might Need Your Social Group

By Marilyn Marshall, Astrologer at AstroChic Astrology You may have noticed that the sun entered Gemini officially on May 20. And immediately following that, you may have celebrated Mercury (the planet of commerce and communication) stationed direct. A lot has has happened in a short amount of time. Communication is very important lately. That might […]

Here’s Why Cate Blanchett is so Amazing!

Hardworking and accomplished, Taurus, Cate Blanchett is my pick for today’s Astrology Profile. I think it is very appropriate that I pay tribute to this accomplished Actress in the month of May, with the sun shining brightly in Taurus. I chose Cate specifically because she represents fine expression of Taurus energy. And in the following […]

3 Easy Life Hacks to Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

As you know, Mercury retrograde is almost upon us. Mercury represents communication and commerce. During this time, there tends to be a breakdown in communication, technology and business as usual. During this time, you may experience flashes from your past as well. Perhaps you will have a run-in with an ex. Or perhaps you will […]

5 Reasons Why You Love Adele

Adele is famous for her beautiful soulful voice. She achieved her musical success at a very young age. She was one of those people who found their path at a very early age. She has been loved by us ever since. I suspect that the focus of Adele’s Taurus sun has guided her seamlessly through […]

Our Magical Purple Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson, musical genius and icon, passed away Wednesday, April 21, at his Paisley Park Home in Minnesota. He was only 57-years-old. His star was still shining bright and had plenty of energy left to burn. That is probably why his death was so shockingly hard for most of us to accept. His music […]

Mercury Retrograde Inspires Time Travel

You have probably noticed that the shadow of Mercury Retrograde is upon us even through retrograde doesn’t officially occur until April 28.  During this time before the retrograde things begin to go a little haywire.  You may begin to see little things change, especially if you have Mercury strong in your chart.  The past may […]